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About Body Mender Collision Center

Body Mender Has ___ Years In Body Shop Repairs

You need a body shop with experience. When your car has been in an accident it has taken a fatal blow. Many critical comments in your automobile may never be the same again. The engine and transmission and other comments may appear on the surface to be in working order but there are lingering problems that could easily go unnoticed and unchecked.

Many people sell their car after having an accident because they feel that they car may not hold up. All too often this is completely true. Not because there is a problem with cars that have been in a wreck but there is a problem with the initial repair.

An Inexperienced Shop Can Cost You Money In Repairs

Some body shops will completely overlook your cars mechanical condition and send it back on the road without proper maintenance.  This lack of care on the part of the facility can cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

If your car repairs is not spotted and properly handled at the time of the car accident your insurance company will not pay for the repair even if it is a few short weeks after the accident!

We Inspect Every Vehicle In Our Auto Repair Shop

In order to ensure that you get all of the repairs that your car needs we toughly inspect every vehicle to make sure there is no potential problems to the cars internal components. We have our own automotive repair shop in our facility so the same shop that is doing your body work will also be handling your auto repair. This keeps things simple and eliminates potential communication problems when your major auto repairs need to be handled.

At Body Mender Collision we take care of your needs first and the insurance companies second. You the customer are the most important person to us in the world. You will be glad you choose body mender collision for your repair.

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  • Company Name: Body Mender Collision Center

  • Contact Person: Paco
  • Phone: (803) 695-2922

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