2014 was a big year for radio hip-hop: Nicki Minaj released her first (completely) new album in three years, Rick Ross put out two albums, and the world was introduced to the phrase "no flex zone" and the shmoney dance. One thing that was consistent from christian louboutin boot years past, though, was the abundance christian louboutin sneakers of brand name-dropping throughout the year's hits. Below, 14 christian louboutin sale of the biggest tracks that reference fashion. 1. "Anaconda," Nicki Minaj: Nicki has guys buying her Balmain and Alexander McQueen in this song that you thought was just louboutin sale about butts. Maybe the butt made them do it? 2. "Red Bottoms and Balenciaga," Soulja Boy: Aw, remember Soulja Boy?! According to this transparently named song, in 2014 he's been "rockin Balencicaga" in order to "hop a rari." Following that: "hop up out the rari rop christian louboutin shoes a Maserati." Presuming he's louboutin cheap wearing Alexander Wang's Balenciaga the entire time. 3. "Hit Em," Migos: "I am not a mason," confesses Migos member Offset, "but I'm rocking Margielas." 4. "No Flex Zone," Rae Sremmurd: Each brother in this duo drops a designer ref: Swae Lee, Balmain, the zipper of his jeans (wherein he invites a girl to sit); Slim Jimmy, A.Wang (which he's pairing with gold fangs). 5. "Paranoid," Ty Dolla $ign and B.o.B.: One of Ty Dolla $ign's conundrums in this modern-day fairytale is that he bought both of his louboutin replica girlfriends "the same damn red bottoms" (that's code for Christian Louboutin's patented sole color, of course). And they're in the same club! Anxiety ensues. 6. "100," Iggy Azalea: In 100, "Fly Aussie on boss shit" Iggy Azalea pulls off christian louboutin cheap several name-drops and one diss louboutin sneakers in a louboutin boot matter of three lines: "No Michael Kors, just Tom Ford. Saint Tropez, I'm like bonjour. In Spain wearing that Balmain." 7. "Multiply," A$AP Rocky and Juicy J: A$AP Rocky asserts, "I'm the motherfuckin' louboutin outlet Lord of this fashion shit." Hard to dispute, I mean, did you hear "Fashion Killa"? That was some advanced shit. 8. "Lifestyle," Rich Gang: Obviously this song has a fashion reference, but you'd be surprised(?) to learn there's only one: "I just might wake wantin' Chanel." Dream big. 9. louboutin flats "Hood Billionaire," Rick Ross: It's unclear what type of bag Rick Ross is carrying, but we know what's in it: "All louboutin shoes I talk is cash. Versace louboutin pigalle all in my bag." 10. "Don't Tell 'Em," Jeremih and YG: Polo christian louboutin pigalle gets a little shoutout from YG here, the brand of undies he's wearing and would like to be not wearing so that he can do the thing that most radio rap songs are about. 11. "Hot Boy," Bobby Shmurda: Dutch brand G-Star cameos here, apparently the uniform of "grimey shooters," which sounds like an insult but is actually an affectionate name for his band of buddies (err, gang). 12. "Wus Good /Curious" by PARTYNEXTDOOR: While the aforementioned Louboutin "red bottoms" reign through most rap, Drake signee Partynextdoor is after a girl in christian louboutin flats Jimmy Choos, Carrie Bradshaw-style. 13. "Move That christian louboutin outlet Dope," Future, Pharrell Williams, and Pusha T: Pusha T, always reminding everyone of his age, lets us know that he's been into "Versace way before Migos," referencing the 2013 Migos track "Versace" which you know from its hook: "Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace/Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace." 14. "About the Money," T.I. and Young Thug: One final christian louboutin replica shoe shoutout to close us out: Young Thug goes for Giuseppe Zanotti shoes—alligator ones, in fact. Now red bottom shoes that's paper.